Friday, December 24, 2010

Can't have it all

Since Noah has gotten older I have been spending a lot more time disciplining her and it wears me out. I have let other things slide because of my lack of energy. Even washing my face has become a chore. a couple months ago I was on a roll. I would give myself quick facials in the shower to keep my face fresh and rejuvenated. Now, my face looks tired. I am hoping to start taking care of the "me" in mommy again. It all just gets so overwhelming. Trying to teach your child, discipline your child, cook healthy meals for your family, keep your house in order, keep yourself in order. I realize I am going to have to let some other things go to start taking care of my own needs again. I don't exactly know, what but something is going to have to go. I can't have it all!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1st year homeschooling

This year I decided to home school my daughter. I also realized that homeschooling definitely meant sacrifice. It wasn't the obvious things. Today I had to turn on my daughters shows and tell her she has to play by herself today because my house was starting to get out of control. I'm not one to pull completely away from my daughter to gain some control back over our home, but I realize if I'm going to be at home, it is something I have to do at times. For me homeschooling my daughter means giving up my time and space on an almost daily basis. I think the space is the hardest part. We live in a townhouse but we have her homeschool area in the dining room and her play area in the living room. Because we have a designated room set aside for these activities, it gets a little difficult. But by the grace of God it will all work out. Below is a few areas and we will call them "before" pictures. I have plans for these spaces! I just need some encouragement from my other homeschool blogging friends.

This table area is where we do our crafts and table activities. Only thing I plan to change here is getting a bigger bulletin board, adding an easel, and getting an alphabet tree put up.

This is her play area, Once we get off our Christmas break and get started again. I will have the dollhouses put up in plastic bins during the week and I will also be adding a
bookshelf to this area and I would love to put a bean bag chair or some sort of reading chair.

This is our homeschool closet. It has gotten very unorganized during our Christmas break and I'm hoping to get it back in order this week. (fingers crossed). I also want to end up getting the workboxes for Noah's weekly assignments

With all this said, I got a little intimidated by the upcoming year because while Noah is a very sweet. ( Pictured below)

Lately she has also gotten very sassy. Disciplining her wears on me. The new year in homeschooling has been intimidating to me. I feel like since we been on our break, I have barely been able to keep up with everything. Hopefully the structure of getting back into our homeschool schedule will make it easier and not more difficult. (fingers crossed)

Welcome to my adventure. Hopefully my readers will keep up with me and encourage me along the way. I need it!